11 Organic Ways to Battle Common Garden Pests

11 Organic Ways to Battle Common Garden Pests



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Gardening is fun! But sometimes the fun is sucked away by the presence of different garden pests that tries to crawl, fly, and feast on our plants once they start to grow. Garden pests go hand in hand with gardening. Expect to have pests once you garden your soil. But, that does not mean that we can’t do anything to control these pests from attacking our plants. There are many types of pesticides that are being sold in the market that we can use. But if we want our garden to stay as organic as possible, then, using chemical pesticides to get rid of the garden pests in our garden is a big NO! Instead, we can make our own “ORGANIC PESTICIDES” using the different plants and organic matters that can be found in our garden.

Next are 11 organic ways to battle common garden pests using organic materials found in our garden and in our homes.