Avoid These 12 Mistakes Commonly Committed In The Garden

Avoid These 12 Mistakes Commonly Committed In The Garden

Gardening can be tough sometimes. You will commit a lot of mistakes along the way, making you want to quit. Mistakes can be avoided or corrected if you know the right things to do.

Here is a list of the common gardening mistakes.

Being too organic

Gardening organically means using resources from Mother Nature. But you cannot just let nature take care of your garden itself. Your organic garden needs pest control and fertilizer. Remember you need these things in your garden, but make sure to use organic pesticides and fertilizers only.

Harvesting at the wrong time

Some gardeners harvest too early or too late. To avoid committing this mistake you have to know the right time to harvest your plants. You should know what the veggies looks like when they are ready to harvest.

Not cleaning the garden

It is important to keep your garden clean to avoid the growth of pests and diseases. Clean your garden at least twice a week. Always check your garden, if you see fallen foliage and infected leaves pick them up. If you see weeds in the garden pull them out by your hands, make sure to pull the roots out too.

Not composting

Some gardeners do not use compost in their garden. There are a lot of reasons why you should use compost. When you use compost you will not only reduce the waste from your home or in your garden, compost can also help improve your garden soil. When you have a healthy garden soil your plants will also become healthy.

Not taking care of the soil

Take care of your garden soil and enrich it. Add compost or mulch to enrich your garden soil.

Enrich your garden soil so that your plants will get the right nutrients that they need.

Not solving garden problems immediately

Weeds and insects are the main problems in the garden. Get rid of them before they destroy your garden.


Overcrowding or planting too much in your garden is one of the most common mistakes committed by gardeners. When you plant too many in the garden, your plants will not grow properly. Plants need different amount of space for them to be able to grow properly.

Make sure to provide your plants the right amount of space they need so that they will not compete with each other for light, water, and nutrients.

Planting food producing plants only

It is also important to plant flowers in your vegetable garden. Some flowers can attract beneficial insects that can help your garden grow.

Planting in the wrong area of the garden

Some plants require full sun, full shade, or part shade to be able to grow. Tomatoes needs full sun to be able to grow, while cabbage, lettuce, and spinach need full shade or filtered sunlight to grow. You have to find the right area to place your plants.

Be knowledgeable about how much sun does a plant need to be able to grow.

Planting the wrong vegetables

Make sure that you do some research about the vegetables or plants that are likely to grow in your area. Make sure also that you know your zone area. Planting the wrong vegetables or plants in your garden will result to waste of time, waste of money, and waste of produce.

Using too much fertilizer

Even plants need a balanced diet or nutrients. When you feed your plants with too much fertilizer your plants will get sick or they will die. Sometimes applying too much fertilizer in your garden can burn the young and tender roots of your plants.

Watering incorrectly

Do not water your plants often, water them deeply. Water your plants regularly if and only if it is needed. Avoid getting your plants’ leaves wet when watering. Water your plants near the soil.

What are your top garden mistakes? Share them in the comments!

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