15 Tips to Grow, Cut, and Regrow Those Salad Greens

15 Tips to Grow, Cut, and Regrow Those Salad Greens

The CRUNCH of the first bite when eating fresh salad is so nostalgic that the experience will leave you wanting for more. The different types of greens with its different colors and flavors make the salad one of the best foods in the world.

Eating fresh salad day in and day out in our favorite salad restaurants can sometimes be a hustle. And money wise, it can be expensive. But what if we can grow our very own salad garden in our own backyards?  Then, having these greens at our disposal will no longer be a dream but a reality. Since salad greens can be grown, cut, and re-grown again with the right guidance and proper care, then, we can have the freshest salad imaginable at our fingertips.

Here are 15 Tips to Grow, Cut, and Re-grow Those Salad Greens


source: fritzhaeg

1. Planning

Before starting on any project, planning should always be the first step. This is very important when you are thinking about growing your very own salad green garden. The types of greens that you will be growing, the methods to be used in growing these greens, and the way to harvest and store them when it is time for your greens to be harvested will all be tackled under the planning process.