4 Common Tomato Ailments

4 Common Tomato Ailments

Tomatoes are the kings and queens of the gardening world. It is easy to grow and it has a great yield when it is harvested. It is also the top choice of gardeners when vegetable planting is concerned. Tomatoes can be planted in large gardens and it can also be grown at home right besides your window. But even with these great advantages of planting and growing tomatoes, there are also disadvantages. While it is true that tomatoes are easy to grow, they are also prone to diseases and ailments.

Here are 4 Common Tomato Ailments that Every Gardener Must Know


source: missouribotanicalgarden

1. Early Blight

Also known as alternaria leaf spot or target spot, early blight is caused by the fungus alternaria solani. When the leaves of your tomato plants, particularly those at the lower parts have brown or black spots that are about half inch in diameter, then, that can be considered as early signs of early blight in your tomatoes. After a while, the leaves of your tomato plants will become yellow and then it will dry up. Tomato fruits can also be affected by early blight. The fruit of your tomato will have large black concave areas on the tomato fruit. You can control early blight problems by using organic fungicides on your tomato plants.