5 Tips for Storing Your Winter Squash

5 Tips for Storing Your Winter Squash

Most farmers and gardeners are in love with winter squash. They love to plant and grow winter squash because it can be easily stored and it can last long even during winter. Winter squash just like the summer squash are planted and grown from spring until the summer season. The only difference is that, winter squash takes more time to mature compared to the summer squash varieties. While summer squash is harvested during the summer, the winter squash varieties are harvested during fall.

Here are 5 Tips in Storing Your Winter Squash

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1. Curing  

If you want your winter squash to last through the winter, then, it must be properly cured. To do this, you need to make sure that your winter squash will have the right water content value before it is stored for the winter. You can easily achieve this by putting your freshly harvested squash in a dry and sunny area for about a week or two.


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2. Storage Conditions  

You can store your squash in a shelf, cabinet, or a drawer it’s up to you. Just make sure that the storage temperature is at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and you store them in a dark place.


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3. Wrap Them  Up

Wrap your squash individually in a paper before storing them. Make sure that your wrapped squash do not touch each other and is not placed in a hard surface.


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4. While in Storage  

Check your stored squash regularly. Make sure that your squash have no soft spots in them and check for damaged fruits. To avoid bruising, turn the squash every time you check them.


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5. Longevity of Stored Squash

When stored properly, winter squash can last until February. If you notice that your stored squash starts to get soft, then, it is a sign that your squash should be taken out and prepared to be cooked and to be eaten.


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