6 Great Tips in Growing Great Carrots

6 Great Tips in Growing Great Carrots

WHAT’S UP DOC?  Buggs Bunny’s favorite, the CARROT. These delicious and tasty vegetables are easy to grow. All you need is a loose soil located in a sunny location to plant your carrots and you are ready to go.

Carrots have been grown and harvested as early as the medieval period. The planting techniques that were used before are just the same as the one being used today. In short, planting and growing carrots is as easy as 1-2-3.

Here are 6 Great Tips in Growing Great Carrots

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1. Plant Carrots Directly to the Soil

Grow carrots directly from seeds. So, after the carrots seeds have germinated, it is best to plant them directly at the soil.  Transplanting carrots will only disturb its growth process because carrots do not like having their roots disturbed once it has already grown.


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