6 Tricks in Growing Apples Without Pesticide

6 Tricks in Growing Apples Without Pesticide

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is only true if the apple that you are eating is 100 percent healthy and free of chemicals. So, how can we make sure that the apple that we are consuming is safe from chemicals? Well, a 100 percent organically grown apple, free of chemically based pesticides and insecticides is your answer.

Here are 6 Tricks in Growing Apples without Pesticide


source: schweizerorchards

1. Select an apple variety

A disease resistant apple is just one- half of the answer in selecting a good apple variety.  The other half is the flavor. In selecting apples, look for apple seeds that were grown and preserved naturally. Heirloom apple seeds are the best to use if you want to grow a disease resistant and flavorful apple tree in your yard.