7 Best Advices For Your Lawn Care During Fall

7 Best Advices For Your Lawn Care During Fall

If you want to have the best looking lawn when the season of spring arrives, then spending some time and doing some work in your lawn during fall is the key to achieving such feat. The cooler temperature together with the occasional rains that the season of fall brings is ideal in preparing the lawn for the next season.  Just follow these 7 helpful advices and you will surely have a lush and healthy lawn when the season of spring arrives.

7 Best Advices for Your Lawn Care during fall


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1. Mow your lawn

If you want to have less brown leaf during winter, continue cutting your grass by mowing your lawn during the season of fall. Just use the lowest mowing setting in mowing your lawn until the season of fall comes to a close.

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2. Aerate the Soil

Aerating the garden soil will help water, fertilizer, and oxygen reach the roots of the grass much easier. You can hire someone to do the soil aeration of your garden or you can do it yourself. You can also rent aerator machines to make the soil aeration job faster and easier.


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3. Rake the Leaves

It is advisable to remove leaves that have fallen in the lawn as quick as possible. Leaving and not attending to the fallen leaves in your lawn will promote fungal diseases. The leaves will also stick together making it harder to remove because of the rain and the morning due.


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4. Fertilize for Future Growth

Apply fertilizer to your lawn two weeks before the fall season ends. Why?  Because when the weather gets cold, grass leaves growth will be much slower. Applying fertilizer during fall will also help deliver nutrients to the grass and helps in the development and the growth of its roots.


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5. Fill in Bald Spots

If you have bare and bald spots in your lawn, now is the best time to fix it. To do this, just go to your nearest organic store supplier and buy an all-in-one lawn repair mixture. Apply the mixture to the bald spots in your lawn by spreading a thick layer of the mixture in it. Next, water the applied mixture and continue watering it for two weeks.


source: todayshomeowner

6. Weed Control

Fall is the best time to remove those dreaded weeds in the lawn. The best way to prevent weed growth is to stop the weed seeds before it germinates. There are different Organic Pre-emergent herbicides that are being sold in farm stations. Select the herbicides that are labeled organic and environment friendly. Apply these herbicides in your lawn to stop the weed seeds from sprouting. When applying herbicides always use protective clothing and follow the instructions provided in the herbicide labels.


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7. Water in the Morning

Always water your lawn in the morning before the sun is at its peak to prevent lawn diseases. Install lawn sprinklers for easier watering of your lawn.


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