7 DIY Ways To Make Gardening Easier

7 DIY Ways To Make Gardening Easier


Gardening does not have to be difficult or awfully back-breaking. This rewarding activity should be enjoyed all of the time and in order to make tending a garden enjoyable, the wonderful site DIY & Crafts for Mom shares these 7 DIY ways to make gardening a breeze…

1. Install water reservoirs.

A water reservoir is a great way to keep your plants moist enough even if you forget to water them. You can purchase an expensive soaker hose or drip irrigation system, or you can just recycle your plastic bottles.

To make your own water reservoirs, clean out old milk jugs and water bottles and keep the caps. Poke a few small holes in the bottom of each container and bury them in the ground between your plants at least six inches deep. Cover the container with soil but leave the opening free. Fill each container with water and replace the cap. Voila! You have your own free, easy-to-make, food-safe water reservoir. Once your reservoirs are installed, recheck and refill when they become empty. Don’t forget to keep the caps on or else all your water will simply evaporate!

This method not only makes gardening easier on you, but also deep waters your plants. More water gets to the roots where it’s needed and less is wasted in evaporation and run-off.

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Image credit: diycraftsmom.com