8 of the Best DIY Organic Remedies For Your Garden’s Problems

8 of the Best DIY Organic Remedies For Your Garden’s Problems



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Ever since gardeners went organic in their vegetable gardens, natural remedies for common garden pests have shot off the roof. Many store depots that concentrates on gardening products went overtime in developing environment friendly, inexpensive, and readily available ingredients that can be made to combat these common and destructive garden problems. In fact, gardeners also went on to experiment on what is the best solution for their own garden problems until they perfected their own formulas on how to  stop and control the different problems that have risen in their area. Today, there are so many ways on how to deal with common garden problems organically. Here are some of them.

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Here are 8 Organic Remedies for Dealing with Common Problems in the Garden:


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1. Soap as Insecticide

Aphids, spider mites, and white flies are all allergic to liquid soap. Just mix in a container a table spoon of liquid soap and a gallon of water. Mix it properly then transfer the mixture in a sprayer. Spray the soap spray solution to the leaves of the plants in your garden. Make sure that both sides of the plants leaves are sprayed with your soap spray solution.