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There are many ways to use tea bags in our garden. Here are 10 of them.



1. Food for Your Garden

Watering your plants with re-brewed used tea bags can protect the plants from fungal infections. By opening the tea bag, you can also sprinkle the damp leaves around the plants base to fertilize the soil. Schedule occasional tea time for your acid-loving house plants. You can also work wet tea leaves into the soil around the plants to give them lush and luxuriant look.



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1. Chicken Manure as Fertilizer

High in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, chicken manure as a fertilizer is one of the best to use in the garden when it is properly composted. But even though it is high in nutrients, never ever use fresh manure directly as a fertilizer because the heat during decomposition will scorch the  roots of the tender plants. It takes about 6 months to a year for a chicken manure to be properly composted and ready for use.



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For laundry, household activities, hair care, or even in cooking, vinegar has been such a helpful thing to have. But one thing which vinegar could assist you with too, is for gardening. Yep. Your green friends would surely thank you if you utilize vinegar for these 7 reasons:


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1. Mold killer in containers

It is better to start with clean seedling starters or pots to minimize the chances of having fungus or molds in them. Water and vinegar could be used as a natural mold killer, before replanting your seeds.



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Have you ever tried using those citrus peels for your home-cooked recipes? The zest definitely adds flavor and aroma to your well-loved meals. Also, during these warm months, we enjoy the taste of those citrusy fruits especially in lemonades and orange juice. But what happens after we squeeze them up? Before throwing them, think again. Here are 5 uses of those citrus peels for your garden, that you might not know:


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1. Aphids, go away.

Easy peasy to make those aphids, that terrorise your plants, go away — take those orange peels, make a slit in them, and insert them into the plants that you want to protect.



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We do not need expensive bug sprays, commercial plant foods or even fertilizers, if we could make it on our own. Not only does it mean that we could save more bucks, but we could also be sure that what we give to our green friends are safe and not harmful for them. Here are three great recipes that you could concoct for your garden, without breaking a sweat…. or even a bank.


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One: Weeds, Go Away Recipe

You can take care of dandelions along with other weeds with this simple recipe.


Salt (1 cup)

Liquid dish soap (1 tablespoon)

Distilled vinegar (1 gallon)