These are my four favorite benefits of coffee ground in the garden


source: gardeningknowhow

1. As a Sheet Mulch

A garden rich in organic matter is a gardeners dream, and sheet mulching is the way to achieve this. When materials from the soil are allowed to break down naturally, it is just like making the soil in the garden a big pile of compost. The unwanted materials in the soil will turn into fertilizer overtime. It is also an effective way of removing the weeds in your garden before planting season begins. The good thing about this is that it is inexpensive and not physically demanding job to do.


There are many ways to use tea bags in our garden. Here are 10 of them.



1. Food for Your Garden

Watering your plants with re-brewed used tea bags can protect the plants from fungal infections. By opening the tea bag, you can also sprinkle the damp leaves around the plants base to fertilize the soil. Schedule occasional tea time for your acid-loving house plants. You can also work wet tea leaves into the soil around the plants to give them lush and luxuriant look.



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1. Chicken Manure as Fertilizer

High in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, chicken manure as a fertilizer is one of the best to use in the garden when it is properly composted. But even though it is high in nutrients, never ever use fresh manure directly as a fertilizer because the heat during decomposition will scorch the  roots of the tender plants. It takes about 6 months to a year for a chicken manure to be properly composted and ready for use.


We are talking about unique tricks here! So go and read on to keep those weeds away:


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1. Newspapers

Put a thick layer of those old newspapers you have in your home, on top of the soil. Prepare your beds, then your compost, and put your soaker hose down, before putting the newsaper down. Thay way, you can be sure that your plants are watered, while those weed seeds that land on top, don’t. Also, tear a hole in the newspaper where you would place the seeds. In time, it would decompose too, which will add humus to the soil.



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Do you have any old tires? Well, great. Now is the time channel your inner artiste and re-purpose them and turn them into these 6 awesome things for your yard:


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1. Pet bed

By implanting cushions, you can turn your old tires into resting beds for your furry friends. Make sure to just use those ones that would fit your pet’s size.