Flower Gardening

As the season of fall arrives, there is nothing more gratifying than knowing that our garden still looks awesome even as the cold slowly creeps into the horizon.  Flowers that bloom during the season of fall are the best solution in making sure that our gardens would still look fresh and beautiful and would warm the heart of every person who sees it.

Here are 9 of the Best Blooming Flowers for Your Garden during fall


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1. Aster

With its pink, blue, purple, and white flowers, aster when it blooms will not only attract beautiful butterflies but also all sorts of helpful insect pollinators. While it is best viewed in the garden, aster flowers placed in a vase is also just as beautiful.


Daylilies are one of the easiest plants to grow. You can plant them anywhere with just a little supervision. Daylilies can also be one of the best plants to grow in the garden. The blooms of daylilies with its vast colors and sizes can transform and make one’s garden look like it went through an overnight beautification.

Planting and growing daylilies can also be beneficial, not only for the gardener but for the garden itself. Daylilies do not only make the garden more attractive and beautiful but it also attracts pollinators that are beneficial to the other plants in the garden. Daylilies can also be a good source of food and herbal medicine, and most importantly it can also be a source of extra income for the family.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Daylilies


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1. Great Ornamental

Daylilies can grow in almost any garden in the world. The blooms of daylilies can also be great ornamental decorations not only in the garden but also in places where special events are held. With different flower sizes and colors, daylilies can also offer the best in terms of flower preparation with the least financial cost possible. Daylilies can also act as a garden border. The tall daylily species can be used as a back border, while the short ones can be placed at the front of the yard. Daylilies will start to bloom in the early summer making gardens with daylily plants explode with beautiful colors.


Climbing roses can make one’s garden stands out and become the envy of many when it is done properly. With these simple tips, you can make different kinds of roses climb into the different areas in your garden making it look like a paradise once your roses starts blooming in your garden.

6 Tips for Having Climbing Roses in Your Garden


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1. Selection

Choosing the type and color for your climbing rose that will enhance the beauty of your garden is the first step if you want to incorporate climbing roses in your garden. After you have decided the type and color of rose that you want to grow, then, it is now time to plant your climbing rose and formulate a strategy on how do you want your roses to grow and where do you want them when your roses starts climbing.


Buckwheat is not wheat even if its name suggests that it is. Instead, buckwheat is more related to sorrel, knot-weed, and rhubarb plants. Great to be used as a cover crop, buckwheat is grown for its grain like seeds that is beneficial to the garden. It is also considered as one of world’s healthiest foods.

So, what are the other benefits of growing buckwheat in the garden? Here are some of them.

7 Reasons to Have Buckwheat in the Garden


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1. Buckwheat attracts beneficial

Honeybees in the garden are a sight to behold. They are not only beautiful creatures, but are also a great help in the pollination process of plants, fruits, and vegetables. So, plant and grow some buckwheat if you want these little and beneficial creatures in your garden. Buckwheat, once it blooms is a great insect pollinator magnet.


Pairing these beautiful flowers with your favorite vegetables in the garden will not only make your garden look stunning and beautiful but it will also control the pests and diseases that are harmful to vegetables.

Here are 5 Flowers that are best to Plant with Vegetables

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1. Marigolds

From spring to fall, marigold flowers bloom adding beauty to the garden. But the benefits of marigolds do not stop there. In fact, some marigolds can grow up to a height of about 4 feet. When marigolds are planted together with tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and other crop climbers, marigolds can be used as trellis for these crops.