Fun In the Garden


Do you want to have your very own succulent collection but you have no idea if what succulent varieties are the best to plant? Here are eight of the most beautiful and easiest succulent species that can be grown even for a beginner.


8 Best Succulents for Beginners


source: collectorscorner

1. Echeveria

Echeveria Glauca and Echeveria Elegans are the best species recommended for beginners. These two species of echeverias can be easily grown and maintained, and when they bloom, their lovely blue flowers are a sight to behold.


We are talking about unique tricks here! So go and read on to keep those weeds away:


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1. Newspapers

Put a thick layer of those old newspapers you have in your home, on top of the soil. Prepare your beds, then your compost, and put your soaker hose down, before putting the newsaper down. Thay way, you can be sure that your plants are watered, while those weed seeds that land on top, don’t. Also, tear a hole in the newspaper where you would place the seeds. In time, it would decompose too, which will add humus to the soil.