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Fallen leaves can be a nuisance and sometimes considered as a back-breaking job that no one wants to deal with. But what most people do not know is that, leaves that falls to the ground have a great upside and terrific uses not only for gardener but also for non-gardeners alike. Here are some of them.

4 Best Things You Can Do To Your Fallen Leaves



1. Compost

Leaves which are filled with leaf molds and rich in nutrients should not be discarded and thrown away. Why not pile them in a single location and turn it into compost and in about 5-6 months, you will have great compost that you can use in your garden.


Would it be great to start the gardening season without too much hustle and too much work? Well, we can. But to achieve this goal, we need first to do some gardening work. By working and preparing our gardens now, we can be at ease that even during the coldest months of winter; our gardens are well protected by the freezing cold that winter brings.

Here are 5 Things You Can Do This Fall to Start Next Year’s Garden


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1. Choose your garden space

The crops that you plan to grow for next year’s gardening season will determine where and what part of your garden would you most likely prepare. If what you have in mind for your next year’s crops are the fruiting vegetables, then, a spot where plants can receive a lot of sun is what you will need. If leafy greens are your thing, then a location that has a mix of sun and shade is what you will need to address in your garden.


A great year-round activity for the whole family, growing sweet potatoes is easy and enjoyable and when successful, you will have all the sweet potatoes that you can eat and some extra to share.

Easy Steps to Grow Sweet Potato Slips


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1. Use Organically Grown Sweet Potatoes

The first thing you need when growing sweet potato slips are previously harvested or locally sold organic sweet potatoes. Chemically treated sweet potatoes are sometimes treated to avoid sprouting.


As the season comes to an end, it is now time to do some garden cleaning tasks. It may not seem important as of now, but when spring comes and planting season starts, you will be glad that you have done it just the same.

Cleaning your garden during fall will not only control weed growth, but it will also help in controlling plant diseases and will make your planting job much easier when planting season arrives.

Here are Some Garden Cleaning Tasks to Fulfill This Fall


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1. Clear 

Since infestation lasts until the winter season, it is best to clear all rotten fruits around your trees and vegetables around the garden.


Daylilies are one of the easiest plants to grow. You can plant them anywhere with just a little supervision. Daylilies can also be one of the best plants to grow in the garden. The blooms of daylilies with its vast colors and sizes can transform and make one’s garden look like it went through an overnight beautification.

Planting and growing daylilies can also be beneficial, not only for the gardener but for the garden itself. Daylilies do not only make the garden more attractive and beautiful but it also attracts pollinators that are beneficial to the other plants in the garden. Daylilies can also be a good source of food and herbal medicine, and most importantly it can also be a source of extra income for the family.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Daylilies


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1. Great Ornamental

Daylilies can grow in almost any garden in the world. The blooms of daylilies can also be great ornamental decorations not only in the garden but also in places where special events are held. With different flower sizes and colors, daylilies can also offer the best in terms of flower preparation with the least financial cost possible. Daylilies can also act as a garden border. The tall daylily species can be used as a back border, while the short ones can be placed at the front of the yard. Daylilies will start to bloom in the early summer making gardens with daylily plants explode with beautiful colors.