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Lots of people say they can’t afford to buy organic. Well, here’s an idea, what about, buy the vegetables below organic and then re-grow them.

It’s easy to re-grow each of these vegetables, for most of them, all you have to do is stick the bottom part into good soil. Caring for them isn’t a big deal either since they are so low-maintenance and requires you to simply water them regularly. To know how to re-grow each vegetable, go to Wake-Up World.

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What if you need to be away from home for a period of time, who will look after your plants and make sure they are watered?

This 30-second video will show you how to turn your pot into a self-watering one. With this simple trick, you won’t have to worry about leaving your precious plants alone for days.

Simple yet effective.

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If you have kids, it will be nice to encourage them to garden. There are lots of things kids can learn from gardening including the joys of watching something grow from the earth, the responsibility of tending to the plants and how fun it could be to be so close to nature.

And according to Natural News, a new study has found that encouraging children to garden boosts their development by helping them become happier, more confident, and more resilient. In addition, gardening also helps teach children patience and the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

So here are 5 tips to encourage your kids to garden with you:

1. Set An Example And Get Dirty!

Once in a while, let your kids dive into the dirt – garden dirt, and they will look forward to it. Dress your kids in old, worn-out clothes and give them things to do in the garden: weed, fill up pots with soil, dig holes for new plants, compost or sow seeds. By giving them something to do, you show your trust in them and encourage them to have a sense of responsibility.

2. Let The Kids Decide What To Plant

Give the children a choice in what to plant. Do they like bright flowers that attract butterflies? Do they like strawberries they can munch on? How about tomatoes or cucumbers?

By letting your kids decide, they will be able to appreciate better that they are really a part of the whole growing project and their involvement will not be a one-time thing. It also gives the kids something to look forward to, making gardening exciting for them.

3. Make The Garden Kid-Friendly

Decorate the garden with child-friendly garden markers that you create or craft with them. Create solar sunflowers, paint rocks to show what the vegetable is, create funky containers out of your kids’ old toys, etc. By making fun things and placing them in the garden, the kids will naturally want to keep going back because they will feel that the place is made for them too, not just for the plants.

4. Give Them Their Own Tools

Give children kid-sized gardening tools so it will be easier for them to work with you in the garden. Adult tools are large and heavy and hard to manipulate. Choose kiddie shovels and rakes plus colorful buckets, watering cans, kneelers, gloves and sun hats for your little garden companion.

5. Let Them Help In The Kitchen

Get your kids involved in preparing and cooking the food you harvest from your garden. Children are fascinated to see how food makes its way from the garden as a tiny seed to the kitchen table as something yummy. They will also feel a great sense of pride in knowing that they helped grow the very food you will all be enjoying on the family table. If you grow flowers in your garden, the kids can help pick a few to decorate your home with or for giving to neighbors.

So there are some ways to encourage your kids to garden. By making gardening an enjoyable activity, you can have more opportunities to bond as a family. Encouraging your kids to garden will also get them away from the TV, PlayStation, cell phones and all modern gadgets that consume too much of their time but keep them from learning something really worthwhile.


There are stuff in your household that you can recycle but there are also things in your garden that you can re-use.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to re-use common left-over things in the garden and other useful tips for fun gardening. Watch.

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