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If you want to go organic and grow your own veggies in your garden, but you do not have a large space to do it, do not fret. Container gardening is the solution. But not all vegetables would grow well if they are limited to live in a little area. Again, no worries!

Here are 7 vegetables that would still grow best even in pots and containers:


1. Eggplants

If the pot you would use, can hold up to 5 inches depth, then you can definitely plant eggplants in it. But make sure to have a stake to hold the plant in the pot.



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Many people are now after the notion of eating farm-fresh produce. Primary reason would be they are grown without pesticides, so you are guaranteed they are safe for your health. But not all of us have big spaceous yards to grow plants. Here comes the option of indoor gardening. Nevertheless, most house plants are inedible, you may say. But hush now, here are 8 edible plants you can grow indoors and can be consumed once you pick them up:


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1. Lettuce

Salad-lover? Well, this is for you. You can definitely plant lettuce indoors, but make sure to provide it with abundant sunlight by having a window that faces on the southern direction. You will need to have moist and well-drained soil, for it to thrive. Wait for at least 4 weeks, and they will be ready for harvesting once maturity has been reached.



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You do not need to have a labor-intensive garden. Besides, if you’re late in getting your backyard ready for gardening, this is the easiest and simplest solution: square foot gardening. How to do it? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this:

What’s Needed:

8 8×3 inch wood screws

8 6×1 inch wood screws

small pack of twisted nylon line

1 organic veggie seed kit

4 boards (4ft long x 10 inches width x 2 inches thick)

1 cubic feet of compost (blended)

1 cubic feat of peat moss

1 cubic feet of coarse vermiculite


Source: Flickr Andy Padjen

Step One: Prepare to build the square. 

Create a 4’x4′ square. To make it, drill the four 4ft boards together, using two 3-inch screws at each corner. Afterwards, choose a flat, sunny spot to place the box. Make sure to put cardboard or weed-blocking fabric before placing the frame on top of that.