Homemade Pest Control

Keeping the garden healthy and beautiful without contributing in the destruction of the environment is the main objective of every organic gardener around the world. And one way to achieve this is by using gardening remedies which are organic in nature.

Here Are Ten Organic Remedies That You Can Try For Your Garden


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1. Slug Beer Trap 

Slugs love beer so much that for them it’s a drink to die for, LITERALLY! To set up a slug beer trap, all you need is a container for the beer that you will use. An old ball, cups, and bowls will do. Bury your chosen container just until it is the same level with the soil. Next fill your container with beer and leave it in your garden. When the slugs come for the beer, they will get stuck into the container and the slugs will drown in the process.


There are more than 12,000 species of ants around the world. Some of them invade our homes, some invade our cars, and most ants invade our gardens. The abundance of fresh food that our garden offers is what attracts the ants. Ants are very persistent and they are not easy to contain. Putting fences around the garden is also ineffective because the ants will just get through it. Pesticides and insecticides is also a big NO!  While pesticides and insecticides may solve you of your ant problem, other insects that are beneficial to your garden will also be killed by these chemicals and it is also damaging to the environment. The best way to control and rid your ant problem in your garden is by natural method and there are many ways to do these.

Here are 6 effective ways to get rid of ants in the garden


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1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural ant repellent. Ants leave pheromones whenever they go and that is what the ants follow to go on their business day in and day out. By using vinegar spray, we can erase these pheromone trails and at the same time repel the ants in our garden. Just spray the leaves of the plants and also the trail that the ants follow. Just repeat this process for about a week and your ant problem will be solved.




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Gardening is fun! But sometimes the fun is sucked away by the presence of different garden pests that tries to crawl, fly, and feast on our plants once they start to grow. Garden pests go hand in hand with gardening. Expect to have pests once you garden your soil. But, that does not mean that we can’t do anything to control these pests from attacking our plants. There are many types of pesticides that are being sold in the market that we can use. But if we want our garden to stay as organic as possible, then, using chemical pesticides to get rid of the garden pests in our garden is a big NO! Instead, we can make our own “ORGANIC PESTICIDES” using the different plants and organic matters that can be found in our garden.

Next are 11 organic ways to battle common garden pests using organic materials found in our garden and in our homes.



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For laundry, household activities, hair care, or even in cooking, vinegar has been such a helpful thing to have. But one thing which vinegar could assist you with too, is for gardening. Yep. Your green friends would surely thank you if you utilize vinegar for these 7 reasons:


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1. Mold killer in containers

It is better to start with clean seedling starters or pots to minimize the chances of having fungus or molds in them. Water and vinegar could be used as a natural mold killer, before replanting your seeds.



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Garlic is a fragrant ingredient used in cooking. But for garlic lovers out there, its use is not only limited to the kitchen, but is also for your yard. Here are 5 ways you can use garlic for your garden:


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1. Companion Plant

Garlic can be used to tandem up with roses and tomatoes to keep those pests away. Some say to avoid planting garlic with beans and peas because growth of legumes might be slowed down by alliums. Though some does not have problems with that.