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There is nothing more satisfying than picking your own vegetables and fruits in your own garden. As a gardener, expert or just a newbie, both can agree that growing tomatoes can be both satisfying and at the same time stressful. Tomatoes are so delicate that a simple rain after a hot day will lead to tomato splitting and cracking. Late blight and critter problems are also cause for alarm. But the positives in growing tomatoes weather in the garden or in containers still outweighs all the negatives that can be experienced in growing them. The taste of a freshly harvested tomato can be addictive that all you want to do is to plant and grow this delicate and delicious vegetable that nature has blessed us with.

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So, let us concentrate on how we can grow our own tomatoes in containers.  Here are 5 great tips that you can fallow.



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1. Use Big Containers

The success of your tomato plant will depend on the size of your container. A bigger container will lead to more success compared when using small containers. You can buy containers like those 5 gallon bucket sizes in most hardware stores which will be perfect for planting your tomatoes.