Believe it or not, but did you know that there is a wild weed being served in 5-STAR hotels? Yes sir, you read it right. This most cherished and prized edible wild weed is the native Allium Tricoccum, or also known in the culinary world as the RAMPS.

Ramps are wild leeks that are bursting with flavor. Nothing compares to the taste and flavor that ramps give. Maybe this is the reason why most five-star hotels around the world have incorporated ramps in most of their menus.

Here are 5 Tips in Growing and Cultivating Ramps


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1. Location

A forested area is the ideal location for growing ramps. But in the garden, ramps are best in areas where crops such as ginseng, bloodroot, trout lily, bellwort, and trillium are grown. Ramps also love a well drained soil rich in organic matter so make sure that before planting your ramps, your garden soil already have this qualities. Also, make sure that the area where you will be planting your ramps will have a good access to sunlight.



Garden weeds are a major problem in every garden. Weeds compete with plants for food, nutrients, energy and garden space.

Here are 5 Easy Steps for the Perfect Weed Control


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STEP 1: Grow Weed-competitive Crops 

A crop that grows and matures fast is the best way to control weed problem in the garden. It is also best to keep your garden soil healthy in order for your crops to combat pests and diseases. Tall growing crops that shade out weeds are also recommended to grow in the garden to prevent weed growth. Crop spacing, fertilizing and right watering of crops is also important. Watering and applying fertilizer to your crops should be done in rows. This will feed your crops and not the weeds.



Weeds will always be a part of our garden once we start developing and growing our garden. We can not stop weeds from growing in our garden, but we can control and prevent weeds from spreading by applying some gardening methods in our soil.

There are many ways to prevent weed from growing in our garden. Here are 5 of them.


rich organic mulch

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1. Dig Those Sleeping Weed Seeds

It is assumed that every square feet of land in your garden also contains a square feet of weed seeds. Even if your garden soil has gone to sleep in preparation for the next planting season, the weed seeds that have fallen into the ground will not easily die. Since weed seeds can remain dormant for a long period of time, the only way to kill these seeds is to dig and cultivate your garden soil before planting season begins. After digging the soil, apply mulch immediately. This will prevent the heat and light from the sun from triggering weed seed germination.


We are talking about unique tricks here! So go and read on to keep those weeds away:


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1. Newspapers

Put a thick layer of those old newspapers you have in your home, on top of the soil. Prepare your beds, then your compost, and put your soaker hose down, before putting the newsaper down. Thay way, you can be sure that your plants are watered, while those weed seeds that land on top, don’t. Also, tear a hole in the newspaper where you would place the seeds. In time, it would decompose too, which will add humus to the soil.



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For laundry, household activities, hair care, or even in cooking, vinegar has been such a helpful thing to have. But one thing which vinegar could assist you with too, is for gardening. Yep. Your green friends would surely thank you if you utilize vinegar for these 7 reasons:


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1. Mold killer in containers

It is better to start with clean seedling starters or pots to minimize the chances of having fungus or molds in them. Water and vinegar could be used as a natural mold killer, before replanting your seeds.