Compost Tea: What It Is and How to Make It

Compost Tea: What It Is and How to Make It


A lot of gardeners out there plant herbs because it is nutritious and healthy. Herbs can be used for medicinal purposes and for cooking and making tea, which we often do. But did you know that, you can make tea for your seedlings and garden plants as well? It is called ‘Compost Tea’.

What is compost tea?

Compost tea is a kind of natural fertilizer that helps stop fungal plant diseases from spreading throughout your garden, which makes it one of the best and effective natural fertilizers for seedlings and garden plants.

Your plants often benefit from an infusion made from your compost pile steeped with water. Using compost tea is also beneficial to your plants because it provides nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. You can apply compost tea either to the soil or to the leaves of your plants.

Mixing compost with your garden soil is very beneficial, but using compost tea is even better. When you soak your compost in water for a week, the beneficial microorganisms multiplies. Applying compost tea to your soil will build the living community of beneficial organisms that can help your plants grow healthy.

Make It

Making compost tea is easy and fun and you don’t have to use any special equipment. Here are is a very informative video on how to make compost tea and how to apply. There are also some really useful info shared in the video about the importance of using compost, compost tea and mulch in an organic garden.

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Video by: OneYardRevolution