Manure Magic: 5 Tips On How It Can Greatly Help Your Garden

Manure Magic: 5 Tips On How It Can Greatly Help Your Garden


Yes it stinks! But for farmers, beginners and old timers alike, there is no sweeter smell than the aroma of manure being applied and added to the soil to bring out the very best of the garden. Adding manure to the garden will help build the soils carbon compounds that is important in the buildup of the soil structure. A soil rich in organic compounds will give the gardener a healthy, big, and bountiful crops that will make every gardener proud.

Here are 5 Tips On How Manure Can Greatly Help Your Garden


source: universityherald

1. What kind is best to use?

There are many different kinds of animal manure that is good for the soil. Horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and chicken manure are all tried and proven tested that when applied will bring out the best in the soil. Never use pigs, cats, dogs, and human manure in your garden because the parasites and diseases that are in these types of manure can easily transfer to humans.