Mulch: Multitude of Benefits

Mulch: Multitude of Benefits



source: naples-fertilizer

We always talk about mulch and its importance in organic gardening. But why is much so important and what benefits does it give?

Here are 5 Benefits of Mulch in the Garden

  1. Mulch keeps the weeds at bay. By applying mulch in our garden beds, weed seeds will have a hard time sprouting because the mulch will block the light coming from the sun.
  2. Mulch maintains soil tilt and fertility. Mulch can help provide the soil with the nutrients that our plants will need once they are planted in our gardens. Mulch can act as a sanctuary for many beneficial microorganisms that is beneficial to the soil. Mulch also helps soil from compaction during winter season.
  3. Mulch keeps water where it belongs. Mulch is a water saver. When mulch is applied in the soil, the water that was used in watering the plants will be kept on the ground and it will not flow on the gardens pathways. Thus, reducing water waste and helps prevent garden diseases.
  4. Mulch helps control garden pests.  Mulch helps plants become healthier and stronger against garden pests because by applying mulch in the garden, the nutrients of the soil will be slowly released to the plants making the plants grow stronger to resist diseases and pests.
  5. Mulch keeps the garden tidy. There is nothing more beautiful than a garden with healthy fruits and veggies growing in them. Mulch can help us achieve this. Just blanket your garden beds with your best available mulch and you can be sure that your garden will not only look neat and tidy but also healthy and weed free.

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