Are You Tired of Having to Choose between Insanely Expensive Organic Produce and Genetically Altered “Franken-food” for YOUR Family?

Now You Can Easily Enjoy Fresh, Delicious, Healthy Food Straight from YOUR Garden… and Protect Your Family’s Health… for a Fraction of What You’d Pay at an Organic Foods Store!

And You Can Do it Even if You’ve Never Succeeded at Gardening Before!

Dear Friend,

Do you shudder when you see the prices that your local grocery or health food store charges for organic produce?

Have you ever been tempted to opt for conventionally grown produce to keep your grocery bill under control?

Do you wish there was a way for your family to enjoy fresh, flavorful food without spending a fortune each week?

Grocers know they can charge outrageous prices for organic foods. That’s because many consumers have finally wised up and realized that conventionally grown foods are laden with chemicals such as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers – chemicals that can make your family sick and even shorten your lifespan! Not only that, but growers have genetically modified conventional produce to produce bigger yields and lower their costs… resulting in foods that taste like cardboard!

Health-conscious, responsible people like you and me demand healthier, more flavorful foods. And grocers are more than happy to oblige… by taking us to the cleaners in the checkout line!

You’ve Thought about Growing Your Own Food to Save Money, BUT…

  • You live in the city and don’t have much space for a garden.
  • You’ve tried gardening before, but ended up with only a few anemic veggies or fruits.
  • You don’t know how to properly create a nutrient-rich environment that feeds your garden and yields TONS of mouth-watering food.
  • You have a million other things to do… and you don’t have time to spend all day researching gardening techniques.
  • You don’t know where to find the down-to-earth advice you need to successfully grow your own delicious foods!


My friend, I know how you feel. I grew up on a farm, so I learned a LOT about organic gardening from an early age. But as an adult, I’ve lived in the city and dealt with the challenges of a postage stamp-sized yard. I’ve weathered the high prices grocers charge for organic foods. And, like you, I knew there had to be a better way!

What if YOU and Your Family Could Enjoy Garden Fresh Produce for Next to Nothing… Even if You Live in an Apartment or Have NO Gardening Skills?


I committed to putting my decades of gardening experience to work to help people just like you protect their wallets and their families’ health. And I wanted to make sure you could enjoy the freshest, most flavorful foods possible!

When you have expert gardening advice at your fingertips…

  • You’ll feel confident, knowing that you can FINALLY grow a garden that rewards you with delicious foods whenever you want!
  • You’ll feel inspired by the rich, bright colors and crisp, succulent textures of your fruits and vegetables… turning every night into a mouth-watering culinary adventure!
  • You’ll feel empowered because you no longer have to pay an arm and a leg to your grocery or health food store for organic produce!
  • You’ll feel accomplished when you see the culinary bounty you’ve created just steps from your door!
  • You and your family will feel energized, because you’re enjoying the freshest, most nutrient-packed foods available on the planet… every single day!

If You’re Ready to Say “NO!” to High Grocery Store Prices… and “YES!” to Delicious, Inexpensive, Healthy Food… You Belong in “Fresh Organic Garden Club!”

Fresh Organic Garden Club is your resource for expert gardening tips, advice, and support. When you become a member today, you’ll tap into a wealth of experience and tried-and-true strategies to free you from choosing between paying top dollar for organic foods and risking your family’s health.

Here’s What You’ll Get with Your Fresh Organic Garden Club Membership!

#1: The Monthly Fresh Organic Garden Newsletter: Every month, you’ll receive our critically acclaimed newsletter in the mail. Each newsletter, valued at $27, comes packed with:

  • Cutting edge gardening strategies to reduce your costs and increase your yields.
  • Environmentally friendly gardening techniques and strategies to minimize your footprint and maximize your output.
  • Healthy seasonal foods to grow and exclusive tips for preparing and cooking them (perfect for little ones who turn up their noses at those “disgusting” vegetables)
  • Video tutorials teaching you handy DIY tricks…
  • And much, MUCH more!

#2: Automatic Entry into Our Monthly Competition: Every month, we give away a prize valued at $100! We want to help as many people as possible win tools, seeds, hampers and other handy gardening stuff. And when you join today you’re automatically entered into the competition every single month!

#3: Our Latest Book… for FREE: Along with the Fresh Organic Garden newsletter, you’ll get our latest organic gardening book (retail value: $27) delivered right to your inbox.

#4: EXCLUSIVE Tool and Seed Specials (At LEAST a $70 Value): You’re going to love this… Thanks to our collective buying power, we’re able to get incredible deals on seeds and tools…. And we pass the savings on to YOU! You’ll also get exclusive access to new tools (sometimes BEFORE they hit the market)!

#5: Six of Our Best-Selling Kindle Ebooks: I want you to get started as quickly as possible… so as soon as you join today you’re going to get immediate access to six of my best selling Kindle books (valued at $160) free of charge:

  • “A Guide To Starting Seeds”
  • “8 Easy Vegetables To Grow In Containers”
  • “How To Make Gardening Easier”
  • “How To Control Garden Pests Organically”
  • “A Guide To Composting”
  • “13 Easy Culinary Herbs To Grow In Containers”

You’re getting at total of $384 worth of insider tips, practical strategies, and real-world advice to help you grow inexpensive, tantalizing fruits and vegetables…

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that amount.

You won’t even pay $29.95 per month… which would be a fair price.

In fact… your total cost to get started and receive all of the incredible information I described above is just:



That’s right. One whole dollar.

After the first month, your cost is just $4.99 a month. And there’s no obligation – you can cancel at any time (although I can’t imagine why you would, considering the money you’ll save by not forking over hundreds of dollars a month at your local health food store).

In fact, I insist on providing a 100% money-back guarantee! If you’re not thrilled with your Fresh Organic Garden Club membership for ANY reason, just contact me within the first 30 days and I’ll refund your investment.

Now that you have absolutely NO risk whatsoever, there’s no reason not to take control of your wallet and your family’s health! Join the Fresh Organic Garden Club right now and see how enjoyable fresh gardening can be!

Garden Well,

Peter Davies

P.S.: You’re getting an incredible amount of gardening information that can dramatically reduce your food costs (and provide your family with tastier, healthier food)… for just $1! That’s about what you’d pay for one organic apple at one of those health food stores. Join us today!