How To Propagate Soft Fruits

How To Propagate Soft Fruits



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Soft Fruits

Fruits that grow on bushes are what we call soft fruits. Berries, strawberries, and currants are just some examples of soft fruits. Growing these types of fruits are a little bit tricky, and the best way to do these is thru propagation. So, how do we propagate our soft fruits? Here are four simple steps.



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1. Fresh Growth or Mature Growth

Determining weather the plant you want to propagate will come from fresh growth or mature growth or both is the first thing you need to do when you want to propagate soft fruits. Next is to cut the healthiest vine, stem, and branch from your plant.  Put back your vine, stem, and branch that have been cut to the potting bench. To avoid drying out of the cut pieces, you can also put them in plastic bags.