The Benefits Of Organic Gardening

The Benefits Of Organic Gardening


Gardening in itself is already very beneficial: you get closer to nature so you can appreciate it more, you soak up some very healthy vitamin D as you work outdoors, you can relax your mind and you get to grow your own food that you can even share with your neighbors.

But organic gardening has greater benefits, the most important being:

  1. you produce healthier food for your family
  2. you save money in the long run
  3. you help preserve nature

Healthier Food For Your Table

These days, you can’t trust the foods you buy from the supermarket to be really what they are hyped up to be. With the increasing use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) for food production, you really can’t be sure what’s in the stuff you are eating.

Chemicals in commercial pesticides make their way into the soil and into the produce, increasing the risk of cancer, weaker immune system, autoimmune disorders, allergies, miscarriage, infertility, neurological disorders, asthma, child behavior disorders, mental retardation, hyperactivity and a lot of other harms to those who consume these commercially grown food products.

By growing organic vegetables, you make use of natural methods to enhance the soil and protect your plants from pests. You will commit yourself to grow your own food the same way Mother Nature does it – all natural and harmless, full of love and care.

More Savings

A lot of people say they cannot afford organically produced food. But the cost of cancer is far greater than the cost of organics. Besides, anyone can start their own garden, it’s just a matter of really finding a way and making do without a lot of excuses not to grow your own food.

Through a garden, you will have your own supply of seasonal vegetables and fruits. That will shave off a chunk from your budget since you no longer have to buy from the supermarket’s produce section. So you will end up having more leftover in your budget to put towards your savings.

You Do Your Bit For The Environment

Commercial farmers spray harmful chemicals to plants to keep pests off and hasten or enhance their growth. However, these toxic chemicals also find their way into the soil and get mixed up with the nutrients that the plants absorb. So the result is produce laced with poison that consumers buy and serve to their family. Not only that, when it rains, the harmful residue gets washed out to bodies of water like rivers, streams and lakes killing the fish and the animals that use the water.

Commercial producers of foods argue that genetically modifying crops or using harmful chemicals are necessary to increase production and make bigger and better foods. However, if you look at a forest, don’t you wonder how nature can grow such a magnificent ecosystem? All without the aid of commercially produced artificial stuff. If nature can do it, then we can too.

Organic gardening shuns the use of artificial pesticides and plant growth enhancers so you are sure that the fruits of your labor are all-natural and truly healthy. Now, wouldn’t you rather sink your teeth into that?

So these are the benefits of organic gardening. There are others of course and we are going to explore those as we move along. 

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