Tomato Blight – Curing It And Preventing It

Tomato Blight – Curing It And Preventing It

Tomato blight may be considered a gardener’s nightmare because it does not only infect tomatoes but also eggplants and potatoes as well as other crops. This disease not only damages infected crops but also kills them so the poor gardener is left with no harvest even after weeks of toiling and hard work!

Symptoms Of Blight


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Before your crop is ruined, you need to know how to recognize the symptoms of tomato blight. There are two kinds of blight: early blight and late blight. Both kinds are dangerous to crops and these are the symptoms for each:

Early Blight


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  • Leaf – 1 or 2 spots each leaf up to ½ inch in diameter; spots have tan centers with concentric rings in them; spots have yellow halos around the edges
  • Fruit – dark, sunken spots appear on the stem end of fruits
  • Stem – dark, sunken cankers at or above the soil line.

Late Blight

late blight

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  • Leaf – pale green spots usually near the edges of tips of foliage that turn brown to purplish-black; fuzzy mold on the undersides of leaves during humid weather
  • Fruit – brown, leathery spots appear on green fruit; spots are usually on the top and sides of the fruit; , white mold forms in humid weather
  • Stem – black and brown spots appear and spread; during humid conditions, entire vines can be killed very quickly

The earlier you recognize tomato blight, the easier it is to get rid of it. So always inspect your crops and be on the lookout for the symptoms of early or late blight. The moment you notice the tell-tale signs, start treating the plant right away.

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