Tomato Blight – Curing It And Preventing It

Tomato Blight – Curing It And Preventing It

How To Prevent tomato Blight


source: oldworldgardenfarms

The famous adage says “prevention is better than cure.” When it comes to plant diseases, this is also true. It’s best to prevent tomato blight from ever occurring than to have to deal with it.

In order to prevent blight, here’s what you have to do…

  1. When planting, leave adequate space between plants. Blight spreads by wind and water so the farther apart your crops, the lesser the chances of infections spreading. Plus, the space can allow your crops to grow better.
  2. Mulch around the stems to keep blight spores from splashing onto the plants when you water them.
  3. Use support to keep the leaves and branches from touching the soil. Blight spores may be lurking on the soil and if the plant’s tips are so close to the ground, this might be a good opportunity for blight to latch on and infect your crops. Also cut the lower leaves and branches.
  4. Water your tomato plants only when the sun is down and to prevent blight, water near the stem. Avoid wetting the branches and leaves because the fungus that causes blight thrives in damp and moist places.
  5. Always clean your garden of plant debris
  6. Plant your crop in a different section of your garden next year.

Get Rid Of Infected Plants

In the war against tomato blight, there will always be collateral damage.

If a plant is infested beyond saving, you should uproot it and burn it. DO NOT add it to your compost.

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