Top Composting Myths Debunked – Vegetable Gardener

Top Composting Myths Debunked – Vegetable Gardener


Let us put those composting myths to rest – once and for all!

This post from Vegetable Gardener lists 7 popular myths about composting and proves them wrong.

Composting is the original earth (and garden) friendly practice, yet false information can be hard to kill. Let’s put some of the top misconceptions to rest once and for all, shall we?

The “Composting Is Complicated” Myth

Everyone knows that creating good soil is all about daily measuring (math) and memorizing the carbon-to-nitrogen (science) on every organic thing you toss into the pile right? Wrong. You don’t have to do a single calculation to create some gorgeous compost of your own. Just remember to add roughly the same amount of carbon materials as you do nitrogen materials (50/50) — and that’s it. Promise.

The “Composting Takes a Lot of Time and Effort” Myth

You’re going to have to add that compost pile to your daily chore list to keep it hot and breaking down. Ummmm…no. The truth is that I’m a fairly lazy composter. I certainly don’t work hard at it, and yet I have a ton if it. I pile up my half carbon-half nitrogen organic materials; mix ’em up;  wet the pile through so that it resembles a damp sponge; and turn it once in a while. Nature does the rest. (Scout’s honor)