Where There Are No More Bees: What the World Will Be Like...

Where There Are No More Bees: What the World Will Be Like Without Bees

Can you imagine a world without bees? If there are no more bees it would also mean there will be no more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. A lot of people don’t know how important bees are to us. Bees are just tiny little creatures but they have a big role here on Earth.

Importance Of Bees

Bees are important for our crops. Bees helps in pollinating our crops, they transfer pollen between flowers and between crops. Bees have been dying over the last decade in the US and abroad. Bees have a big role in our industry and of commercial pollination. A large portion of our food is in danger if bees will disappear.

Pesticides, diseases, parasites, poor weather, and stress on pollinating different crops are some of the reasons why bees are dying. When pollinating crops, bees are easily exposed to threats, such as parasites and diseases.

A World Without Bees

1. Beekeepers will go out of business when bees will disappear. Beekeepers manage bee colonies, and they make a living out of it.

2. Farmers rely on bees, because they pollinate their crops, the whole harvest can fail.

3. Some foods will disappear also like, apples, cherries, blueberries, avocado, most leafy green, and many more.

4. Almonds would be the first to disappear without bees. Pollination is very important to an almond. Almonds make a variety of food products such as snack and cereal.

5. Cows eat almond hulls and if they don’t get enough nutrients, then can’t produce milk.

6. Without bees making honey, companies that produces honey products will go out of business.

7. Plants that are dependent on bee pollination will die away, like cotton and oil palm.

Why Should We Care?

Bees have a very important role to human and to our environment.

There are a lot of things that rely on bees.

Crops rely on bees for pollination.

Farmers need bees so that their crops will be pollinated.

Some business sectors also rely on bees like cosmetic companies who use honey to make their product. Companies who sell honey products.

Animals rely on bees also, like cows. Cows eat almond shells that are being pollinated by trees. Almond shells are very important to cows so that they can produce milk.

If we don’t do anything to prevent bees from disappearing we could also be in danger, because a large number of foods that we need every day will disappear too.

How Can We Help?

Helping to prevent honey bees from disappearing is easy. All we have to do is help preserve their habitat. Plant more flowers that are attractive to bees. We can also join some associations that are helping in preserving bees. The most important thing is we should learn to respect bees and know their roles to our environment.

Image: SweetCrisis / freedigitalphotos.net