You Should Grow These 12 Medicinal Trees In Your Yard

You Should Grow These 12 Medicinal Trees In Your Yard

Growing our own food in the garden is the main reason why we go into gardening. We transform our yards into the best gardens that we can think of. We also grow our most favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, and sometimes flowers in our gardens. Growing our own food may be the most important aspect in gardening, but another thing that we should also consider and should also be up on our gardening lists are the growing of our very own medicinal plants.

There are so many medicinal plants to choose from if you want to grow your own medicinal garden. But did you know that there are also trees that you can grow in your yard that are considered to be medicinal? If no, then here are 12 of them.

12 Medicinal Trees that You can Grow in your Yard:



1. Alder

Alder leaves as well as its bark can be a cure to tonsillitis, fever, and hemorrhoids. Just boil the leaf and bark of the alder tree and drink it as a tea.


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