common garden weeds and their profile

Get To Know Your Weeds: The Most Common Garden Weeds and Their Profile

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Weeds can be a huge problem in the garden. They can spread diseases and they can compete with your crops. Make sure to check your garden for weeds… Read More »

summer garden problems

Garden Problems in the Summer

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Plants can encounter some problems during summer because of the heat, bugs, and diseases. The temperature can also affect the growth of your plants. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, and… Read More »


Simple 3-Day Sun Pickles Recipe (No Canning Experience Necessary)

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  Here’s a great recipe for making pickles that is worth sharing. It’s so simple you absolutely must try it! 3 Day Sun Pickles Recipe Prep time: 20… Read More »

An Interesting Project About Storing Food Outside the Fridge

An Interesting Project About Storing Food Outside the Fridge

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It seems that with the invention of the fridge and other ways to preserve our food, we have forgotten how to really treat our food. At least this… Read More »

What Not to Feed Your Chickens

What Not to Feed Your Chickens

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Some people feed their chickens anything, not knowing that some foods are toxic to chickens. We all know that chocolates are dangerous to dogs; these too are dangerous… Read More »